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Ler Ferreira de Castro 40 Anos Depois
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Am i a writer?

There’s not a day gone by without the question popping up my mind. And along that, many other questions: is writing innate or a life time work in progress? Is it A wish or a true calling? Is a writer someone who writes or someone who makes a living out of writing?
You see? So many questions and I still haven’t found the answers I’m looking for. So let’s analyze them and maybe figure out some answers.

Is writing innate or a life time work in progress?
Communication is innate to al living beings and it can embody all kind of media e codes. Why do we communicate? Poets will say in or de to know we are not alone, scholastics will say in order to understand each other and to improve ourselves and our communities. Why do I communicate? To learn, to share, to feel, to find some kind of sense in the world we live in.
How do we communicate? Us, human beings, start communicating we inside our mother’s wombs, but as soon as we are given birth we start to assimilate that crazy little thing called language. And as we grow old that becomes the most fast and easy way to communicate, either in its spoken or written forms.
So maybe writing is not an innate process, but it was the way I found to better express myself. the most suitable way to match my shyness and need of loneliness. And the one that allows the time to better structure my thoughts, opinions and feelings. And therefore, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years, since my first journal till this moment that I feel ready to share my writing and myself to the world.

Is it A wish or a true calling?
Have you ever noticed how books and movies always present us successful writers stories? it seems they keeps making believe that literature can truly save your soul or your life (depending on your believes). Where are the unsuccessful writer’s stories? were they all written by unsuccessful writers?
Do you recall when you’re a king and you pretend your Oscar acceptance speech while tooth brushing? Besides winning an Oscar, I’ve always dreamed with my name printed on a book’s cover and signing autographs’ on first pages.
since I’ve grow older, I’ realized writing is no longer a wish (the book printed is), but a true calling, because I can no longer pass without doing it on daily basis (even if it is just a simple sentence). Writing is the way I find myself. the way I fight my ghosts and how I win my dragons.

Is a writer someone who writes or someone who makes a living out of writing?
Some notorious best sellers winning prizes writers only started calling themselves writers when it allowed them to earn enough money to live by. a few years ago, I earned my wage from writing and (far from any glamour movies usually infer) it was a blast. Do I want to do it again? Oh, yes, please! Meanwhile, I’ve never stopped writing and I realized I never will, even if I don’t ever make any money again out of it.

So, am I a writer?
I can proudly say: Yes I am. Do I make money? Not yet. Am I a published author? Not yet. Do I have an audience? Blogger says so, but most important of all, I write for myself. And if I write it, it will come.

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